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Concrete Delivery

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Quality Concrete Delivery

A mobile concrete mixer from Mitchell Concrete LLC can be used for different projects and a solution to many problems. The most important aspect that concrete delivery can bring is the flexibility of always having fresh concrete on-site by the time you need it. These are some of the most common applications and uses of concrete delivery:

  • General concrete including repairs
  • Flowable fill
  • Rapid setting concrete
  • Pervious concrete
  • Overlay concrete
  • Municipal applications
  • Wet and dry shotcrete
  • Roller compacted concrete
  • Self-consolidating concrete

Mitchell Concrete LLC concrete delivery service offers you to option to own your personal concrete batch plant in Pierce County and the surrounding areas. When compared to traditional drum mixing, this type of solution sometimes can be the best cost-effective solution and time-saving equipment. If the concrete work is just a couple of cubic meters a week or a day, then this can be the right equipment for you to have. Instead of worrying about moving parts, equipment, conveying equipment, front-end loaders, and some other equipment, this solution brings everything under one single truck.

Our trucks are available in different sizes depending on how much concrete you will need. Some mixers can provide up to 11 cubic meters and a production rate of up to 70 meters per hour. Mitchell Concrete LLC concrete mixers will be available at your convenience anytime any day. As with any regular concrete plant, these mixers can also be customized to add color and admixtures to the concrete batch The trucks carry their water tank in case some additional water is needed, or adjustments to the mix are required.

Sometimes, instead of owning this equipment, you can even rent it out, and it will be delivered to your job site, and you will have control of your concrete delivery and timing. Materials are stored in separate bins, allowing you to have a fresh mix on each delivery. Multiple jobs can be worked without the needs of sending the equipment back to the batch plant. You will mix what you are going to pour only. This is especially ideal for a remote location or when the batch plant cannot be installed at the job site. This will reduce the amount of concrete waste and minimize shortages by mixing the amount you need. Mitchell Concrete LLC concrete is always fresh, and you will not need to worry about concrete being too hot or over mixed.


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